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There’s a monster in the family wreaking havoc.
Sound familiar?

Life for a five-year-old monster can be tough. Especially when you’re the only monster in a family of regular people.

Caught in between two worlds, Radbert is determined to be the terriblest, evilest, up-to-know-goodest monster there ever was. Only, it turns out Radbert’s just terrible at being terrible.

What has a bed but never sleeps?

If you answered “a river,” then this is the tale for you. And if you answered “the owner of a magic bunk bed,” then you already know where this is headed.

Join Miles as he travels every night to a mystical world of riddles and adventure, guided along the way by none other than the persnickety little man known as… Inspector 9.

Annie’s got a lot on her mind.

A six-year-old girl with a big mouth and an even bigger heart, Annie isn’t shy about sharing her life lessons.

Mom travels for work, leaving Annie to rely on her mom’s special childhood keepsakes–stored in an old, mysterious trunk stuffed in the back of the closet–to guide her through each week.

Crackin’ the case before nap time.

In the spirit of hardboiled detectives from yesteryear comes Dingus Fly. Wise beyond his years, Dingus is sought by family, friends and mysterious strangers alike, whenever they need help from a kid who’s not afraid of a little trouble.

Adults love non-fiction podcasts. Why not kids?

A Little About a Lot aims to introduce young kids to a variety of topics, ideas and concepts, getting them thinking about the world around them. And hey, maybe you’ll learn a little, too.

Contact us to let us know what topics you’d like covered, and we’ll make sure A Little About a Lot talks about the things you and your kids want to know.

Wishes may bring trouble…

Based on the original story by E. Nesbit, Five Children and It, this tale follows a gang of brothers and sisters as they venture into the mountains for their first summer away from the big city. Before long, they meet a Forest Gnome who grants them a new wish every day. Of course, it rarely works out as the children imagine.

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