Tales Untold featured by American Academy of Pediatrics

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We’re honored, to say the least, to be the first-ever guest bloggers for the Council on Communications and Media (COCM). The post–Podcasts for Kids: Entertainment that Flexes the Imagination Muscle–touches on the nature of listening to stories, and recent scientific studies showing how it drives cognitive development.

The COCM comprises members of the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP), doctors who are active in the media and/or are concerned with the effects of media on child health and development.

We think Tales Untold is a great fit for the COCM’s mission of ensuring that children and their families can make informed and health-promoting choices with respect to media content, and we’re pleased as can be to be part of the conversation. Plus, if you’d like to see Tales Untold in your pediatrician’s office, let them know about our Listening Kits, so that together we can keep your little one engaged and relaxed during your next check-up.

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