Authors skipping the printed page

This recent article from the New York Times is a nice bit of validation for what we’re doing here at Tales Untold. The popularity of digital audio and the maturation of its delivery mechanisms have led authors – and publishers – to bypass traditional print and go straight to your ears.

From the article by Alexandra Alter:

[quote author=’New York Times’]“The Starling Project,” which came out in mid-November, will test the appetite for an emerging art form that blends the immersive charm of old-time radio drama with digital technology. It’s also the latest sign that audiobooks, which have long been regarded as a quaint backwater of the publishing industry and an appendage to print, are coming into their own as a creative medium.[/quote]

Just as Netflix and Amazon have moved toward producing their own content, so has Audible (owned by Amazon, so that makes sense), which is now commissioning and producing original content that’s going straight to digital audio. No print at all. And they’re moving away from the term “audiobook.” If it never was a book, why stick to old labels?

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