Welcome, fans of The Incomparable
and parents of incomparable little ones everywhere.

Thanks for checking out Tales Untold: original, narrative audio stories that will entertain young kids and grace you with a few minutes of sanity. Take a listen to some episodes below, and if you like what you hear, go grab the app for free in the App Store.

Stories worth listening to.

Kids entertainment can be overwhelming, uninspired or just plain insipid. Sometimes all three.

That’s why we launched Tales Untold.

No whiny characters. No squeaky voices. No annoying music. And definitely no ulterior marketing agendas.

Just good storytelling and characters who develop over time.

Listening feeds the brain.

Look, you like podcasts. So will your kids.

Plus, it’s good for their brains. Seriously.

New studies show that listening to stories–as opposed to watching videos or even following along with a picture book–increases brain activity and prepares young children to become good readers.

It’s science, people. Believe it.

Take a break from screen time.

Look, we’re not here to make you feel guilty. It’s not always feasible to whip out 12 pipe cleaners, an old shoe horn, 3 sticks of gum and a tube of glitter.

But handing over your phone to keep your child occupied doesn’t have to result in them staring at the screen all day. Listening to Tales Untold will keep their imagination active while still engaged with the world around them. We even have a free coloring book you can print out, so they can doodle while listening.

You can color, too. We won’t judge.

Still here?

We’ve got lots more to choose from, and our library is always growing. You can check out more tales, or go straight to the App Store to get started. Happy listening!