Submitting to Tales Untold

Are you sitting on an idea for an ongoing kids audio series, but need help getting it off the ground? Did you write a children’s story that you think could translate well? Do you have a fully fledged podcast but need distribution? Send us your submission and if we feel it’s a right fit with Tales Untold, you could be our next big hit.

We don’t have a specific wish list for submissions at the moment, just good characters and storylines that lend themselves to episodic audio. But please take the time to read through our guiding principles. If your podcast seems like a good fit, our submission guidelines are below.

Guiding Principles

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    Know our audience.

    Our target age group at the moment is 3-7 years old. Obviously, there can be quite a difference in comprehension level among that age group, so be clear about whom your podcast is targeting. Note that we prefer to challenge our young listeners with language and storytelling that might be considered by others to be too complex. But keep the themes age-appropriate. And no violence, please.

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    Be daring.

    We are partial to concepts that are playful and take advantage of the nature of the medium. It’s an opportunity to do something totally unique.

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    Respect the listener.

    We don’t want bubbly, cartoonish characters and stories. This doesn’t mean they have to be grounded in realism–our current library includes monsters, gnomes and magic bunk beds–but the tone of our storytelling represents our relationship with our audience. We respect the intellect of our young listeners (and their parents, who are often listening along), and challenge them with good stories that engage their imaginations.

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    The world has enough princesses.

    We’d love to produce more tales with female protagonists, though it’s not a requirement. But please stay away from princesses, fairies, unicorns, etc. (unless it’s done subversively).

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    Yours and yours alone.

    All submitted works and ideas must be original, and you as rights holder need to have full audio rights for whatever you submit. And please, no fan fiction. All characters and storylines should be yours and yours alone. If the property you are submitting has appeared elsewhere, please be clear about publishing history and rights ownership.

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    Think like a producer.

    We’re excited to be adventurous from a production perspective, so don’t shy away from unique use of sound, narration, etc. But please be realistic in terms of licensing and production requirements, and keep narration in mind. While we wouldn’t outright reject a concept simply because it’s narrated in first-person by a child, it does present some storytelling and production challenges. Put simply, there has to be a compelling reason to put forth the resources.

Submission Guidelines

If your story/concept adheres to our guidelines above, then please follow these steps for submission. We review all submissions and will do our best to respond directly to you within a week. If you have not heard from us after two weeks, please feel free to send us a reminder email.

  • Draft an email with “Query” and the name of your concept included in the Subject line.
  • In the body of your email (no attachments), include your one-page query letter.
  • Below your query letter, paste a script for one full episode of your podcast (no more than 2,000 words of narration/dialogue). Again, no attachments please.
  • Send your email to info[at]talesuntold[dot]com.