What is Tales Untold?

Tales Untold is an app proudly produced by Tales Untold Media, featuring original, episodic audio content for children. Think podcasts for kids. We refer to our shows as tales, and each tale is told through episodes and seasons.

The app–available for free in the App Store–comes loaded with Episode 1 of every tale. Further episodes and seasons are available for purchase within the app.

Our tales are aimed at young children in the 3-to-7-year-old age range, though we encourage you to give a listen to our free episodes and see which ones speak to your children (or you), regardless of age.

For any additional questions, check out our FAQs. If we still haven’t answered your questions, please let us know.

Why did we create Tales Untold?

We founded Tales Untold Media and launched our app in 2015 because we found most digital content aimed at our children to be overwhelming, uninspiring or insipid–sometimes all three. Kids content doesn’t need to be full of whiz-bang visual distraction. It doesn’t need to go a mile a minute. It doesn’t need to shock their senses into submission. It just needs to tell a good story.

Meanwhile, you don’t need us to tell you that it’s a constant struggle to keep young kids entertained and focused while limiting their screen time. We produce audio-only stories because, while smartphones and tablets are amazing tools that open up a world of possibilities, we find it disconcerting to see so many kids–and parents–staring at small screens in their hands. Tales Untold leverages the power and convenience of today’s technology to deliver a storytelling experience that is as old as language itself.

When you strip a story down to its core–no sea of flashing colors, no visual crutches to distract your senses–you end up with an experience that delights the imagination in an incredibly intimate way. This is only the beginning, and we’re certainly delighted with what we’ve started. We hope that you and your children are, too.

After all, who doesn’t love a good story?

Tales Untold Media

Aside from producing the Tales Untold app, Tales Untold Media offers custom podcast production services for businesses and individuals. Whether you’re a seasoned pro or starting from scratch, we can help you conquer the earth with our podcast production, editing and distribution services.