Smart stories for smart kids.
(and smart parents, too.)

Tales Untold is an app featuring original,
episodic audio tales for young children.
Think podcasts for kids.

Free to Download

Tales Untold comes loaded with the first episode of every tale for free. With absolutely zero advertising.

Listening Feeds the Mind

Don’t just stick a screen in front of them. Encourage brain development and language skills with audio stories.

New Content Added Regularly

New tales and seasons are published throughout the year. Our library just keeps getting bigger.

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Explore our Tales

Want to take a listen? Check out an episode from every tale that’s available in the app, plus a preview of those coming soon.

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Free Coloring Book

Download our free collection of Tales Untold illustrations for your child to color while listening. Or for you, we won’t judge…


Now you can be the narrator.

With our tales available as ebooks on the Kindle or with the free Kindle Reading app (for PC/phone/tablet), you can read our tales aloud to your kids.

Each season is available as a single book, so you can read your children’s favorite episodes to them. And as they learn to read, these ebooks become an even more beloved resource.

Kindle Unlimited members can access all of our tales for free. Interested in signing up? Here’s an Amazon Kindle Unlimited 30-Day Free Trial.

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Not an Apple user?
Not to worry.

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Listening Kits

We deploy Listening Kits–complete with devices and headphones–for use in pediatric and educational environments. If your organization already deploys its own iOS devices, we can provide a customizable version of our app for your audience.

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Tales Untold is awesome.
But don’t just take our word for it.

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The kids were mesmerized. They love it! Laughed out loud! THANKS!!!!App Store Review
I absolutely LOVED these tales… They really are the perfect way to pass the time.TheiPhoneMom
It’s an amazing app for stories, both fiction and nonfiction, in an easy-to-listen format for kids.SmartAppsForKids
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